Waddler and One-Year Old

The First Years Are Amazing at Brandi’s Place!

Waddler and One-Year Olds 

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Brandi’s Place teachers love to interact with all children!

Did you know your child learns more in the first two years than in any other time in their life? Amazing but true! At Brandi’s Place Early Learning & Childcare Center, our waddler and one year old program rooms are designed to encourage that learning, while also providing a nurturing environment that encourages social and emotional development.

In addition, we teach sign language in our school. Teaching beginning sign language in the waddler and one year old rooms for words such as please, thank you, and more, really allows children to communicate with much less frustration.

A set schedule is introduced to provide structure and a secure environment where the child knows exactly what to expect each day.

The staff at Brandi’s Place enjoy encouraging children to learn new skills. Rather than doing everything for the children, we offer help and support so that they can learn to do things for themselves. This is an important part of the development process, and helps instill self confidence in the children. .

In the waddler and one year old program classrooms, a loving and warm environment is provided in which we listen to children’s needs. We communicate with parents to ensure they are well cared for, and that we take care of each child as you would at home.


The Brandi’s Place Waddler Room is perfect for  infants who are crawling and learning to walk!

Our waddler program room is for infants of about ten months of age to sixteen or eighteen months of age. Infants at this age are crawling and learning to walk. We offer plenty of opportunity for open play and discovery. We also do group play and activities, such as art and circle time, although each child is challenged on an individual level based on their own current goals and milestone achievements.

In this classroom we begin to acclimate your child with the center’s daily routine. This includes scheduled breakfast, snacks, lunch, and nap times, as well as scheduled diaper checks/changes.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Brandi’s Place family! 

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