Infant Care Program

Infants require a special level of care and nurturing

Brandi’s Place Infant Care Program 

Brandi's Place provides a happy place for your infant

Brandi’s Place provides a happy place for your infant!

At Brandi’s Place Early Learning & Childcare Center, we understand your infant has individual needs. We strive to meet those needs while also giving your baby all the opportunities they require to learn and meet important milestones.

Babies grow and learn every day. At Brandi’s Place, our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing “home away from home” environment where your baby can explore and make new discoveries daily. Teachers in our infant room encourage your child to play and explore in a safe, loving, age appropriate nurturing setting.

Our Infant Care Program is structured around your child’s individual needs. There is no set schedule for infants. Parents can inform the teacher of the child’s schedule and any ongoing schedule changes and we will do our best to keep your baby on the schedule you have provided. For babies that feed on-demand it is helpful for parents to inform the caregiver of any special signs the infant may give to let us know they are hungry (crying, uncomfortable actions, etc.).

The infant room is equipped with areas designed to stimulate your baby’s learning. In addition to providing standard care and play time, throughout the day, your infant’s teacher will work individually with your child in the following areas:

  • Infant teachers will talk and sing to your child during diapering, feeding and playtime to help them develop and understand language and communication.
  • Teachers work with infants on basic sign language skills such as more, please, thank you, eat and drink. This provides a common language for the infant and caregiver to communicate.
  • Teachers and infants enjoy simple picture books together. Caregivers read out loud to infants daily as it is an important building block for learning language and literacy.
  • Teachers work on art projects with your infant that stimulates sensory awareness. Teachers use your baby’s hands and feet on a lot of projects which becomes cherished works of art for your family.
  • Teachers encourage physical development through rolling, crawling, and tummy time throughout the day.
  • Teachers also encourage coordination through reaching and grasping throughout each day.
Brandi's Place Teachers work with babies to reach new heights

Brandi’s Place Teachers work with babies to reach new heights

Parents receive a daily report each day on the progress of their baby. The report advises of the feeding times and amounts, diapering, sleeping, and anything else that happened throughout the day.

Brandi’s Place is proud of the cleanliness of our center. We clean and disinfect toys throughout the day and disinfect cribs at the end of the day. Linens are also washed daily.

While we provide your child with all the care and nurturing they need, we do ask that you provide some things for your child, which include:

  • Everything you bring in for your child must be labeled with your child’s name.
  • Include several changes of clothes for your infant, as well plenty of diapers and wipes.
  • Formula bottles must be ready made in the bottles. They must be labeled with the baby’s name, date and number of ounces.
  • Other items you may want to bring include pacifiers, diaper cream and Orajel for teething infants.

You may want to include a disposable camera so we can take pictures of your child for you as they reach important milestones or do something adorable that you wouldn’t want to miss!

We look forward to welcoming you to the Brandi’s Place family! 

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