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What is Young 5’s?

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Young Fives is a program at  Brandi’s Place Early Learning & Childcare Center designed for children who are four or five years old that are not able to start kindergarten. The program can act as a bridge between preschool and kindergarten or as an introduction to school. Children that have not previously attended care in a group setting will also benefit greatly by attending this program.

Brandi’s Place Young Fives experience the same curriculum as students enrolled in a full day kindergarten program. The curriculum includes the use of the child’s small and large motor muscles, specific sensory experiences, cooperative learning and much more.

The most important skills and attitudes a child can bring to kindergarten is enthusiasm for learning, confidence in one’s ability to solve problems, the ability to function as a member of a group or team, the ability to follow directions, and basic self care such as keeping track of one’s personal belongings and personal hygiene. Our program encourages these skills with everything we do.

In this classroom, children will learn how kindergarten classrooms operate. Your child will learn skills such as remaining seated unless otherwise instructed, and following directions. These skills will enable them to be ready for the formal setting of a kindergarten classroom. The time your child spends in this classroom will be spent learning about all four core subjects. Your child will learn reading and writing, math, science and social studies on an age appropriate level. Children will work together in groups, as well as individually. We use a variety of activities and a set curriculum to teach children in this classroom all they need to know.

Motor Development
Between 4 and 5 years, most children are able to walk heel-to-toe and balance, aim objects when throwing, catch balls or beanbags, peddle and steer tricycles, balance on one foot, use small muscles to perform tasks such as cutting, tearing, gluing. At this stage children should also have good control of scissor use and be able to grasp writing tools with fingers rather than fists. 

To support these developing skills, Brandi Place will use balance beams to challenge coordination and balance. We will begin to play organized games like kickball, catch and tag. We will put together collages using pictures, scissors, glue and other media, string beads use building blocks large and small through the use of Legos, Lincoln Logs, etc.

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Smaller class sizes allow for individual attention at Brandi’s Place!

The Young Fives Program is designed to give children responsibilities for classroom management such as collecting scissors or choosing leaders. We make children responsible for their own belongings; we allow children to propose reasonable alternatives in challenging situations and empower children to manage their own behavior. 

Brandi’s Place Young Fives Program allows children to plan upcoming activities; we keep them in small groups so they don’t feel outnumbered or overwhelmed. The teacher helps them understand the difference between tattling and asking for help. 

Kindergarten is a big change in a parent’s routine and life, as well as a child’s. Brandi’s Place works to prepare parents for this new adjustment.

Cognitive Development
Between 4-5 years, most children begin to show interest in letters and numbers. They recognize their own first names when written and are able to follow 2 and 3 step directions such as categorize objects, relate their own ideas and experiences with understanding along with recognizing many shapes. 

To support these developing skills, Brandi’s Place labels classroom objects and belongings and ask children to label their own work with their name. Children will sort objects by shape, size, color and texture and size. We have pre-written tools available for free choice such as paper, pencils, and magazines for cutting pictures out, etc. We use sensory materials to explore concepts like quantity and weight. We will also begin basic math tasks such as sets, counting, adding and subtracting.

Language Development
Between 4-5 years, most children speak in complete sentences and are easily understood when speaking. Children recall songs and finger plays begin to show interest in letters, words and are able to ask and answer questions. Children recognize their own first name and those in their family and express their feelings. Most children can put story events in correct sequences, imitate letters by scribbling and recognize letters by sight. 

To support these developing skills, Brandi’s Place uses daily circle time to tell and listen to children’s stories, read books, and practice listening skills. Journals are used to draw or practice letters and numbers. We talk about sounds that letters make and look for things that begin with those sounds. Children tell stories in their own words and have books read to them. Children practice printing using worksheets, drawing and writing stories. Children will make stories using pictures, work on various educational dittos’s and get a progress report weekly.

Social-Emotional Development
Between 4-5 years, most children understand rules and remind others of them; they separate easily from parents and play well by self and with others. Children show consideration of others, follow routines and schedules, develop skills for calming themselves when frustrated and use words rather than physical means of expressing frustration.

To support these developing skills, Brandi’s Place encourages children to work through their own disputes (with coaching, if needed), allow children to choose their own playmates, as long as choices do not hurt other children. The children will be taught skills for joining groups in progress such as help children say “That looks fun, can I play?” Goals are set for positive behavior and are rewarded with privileges. A rest time is also provided for children to re-group and to do quiet individual activities. A large focus is on the child’s behavior and using polite words.

The  Brandi’s Place Young Fives Program runs from 8:30 am to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Children who need care before or after this time will remain in the class with their peers continuing on with the centers early morning or afternoon activities.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Brandi’s Place family! 

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