We follow a Core Knowledge Curriculum for our programs.

At Brandi's Place our excellent programs help your child to learn and grow!

At Brandi’s Place our excellent programs help your child to learn and grow!

At Brandi’s Place Early Learning & Childcare Center, we have programs available for children from infancy to twelve years of age. All of our programs are designed to encourage children to develop, learn, explore, and grow.

At Brandi’s Place we follow the Core Knowledge curriculum as we have found this to be one of the most effective and child friendly curriculum with proven, consistent results. Our curriculum has a combination of classical, core and traditional practices that prepare each child for their future school years.

Infant Program

Our infants program is deigned for babies up to ten months of age. In this room, babies are cared for and given much attention. They are encouraged to meet important milestones, and allowed to follow their own schedule. Learn more about our Infant Program

Waddler Program

The Waddler room is for infants ten months to one year. It is for crawling infants. In this room, your child is further encouraged to develop and grow, learning new things every day. They will learn age appropriate sign language, and be encouraged to start making sounds or starting to say small words. Learn more about our Waddler Program

One Year Olds Program

The one year olds room is designed with this particular age group in mind. These children are given lots of opportunity to learn and grow. They will be encouraged to learn new skills and reach milestones. If they are not walking already, we will work with your child on this as well. Learn more about our One Year Olds Program

Two Year Olds Program

Two year olds are very curious, explorative, and into everything. Our room for this age group is filled with age appropriate toys and activities, and is very safe. We want to provide a safe and clean space for your child to learn and grow. Again, milestones and new skills are encouraged. Learn more about our Two Year Olds Program

Three Year Olds Program

At this age, your child needs to begin learning basic intellectual skills. In this beginning preschool classroom, Brandi’s Place teachers will work on following directions as well as basic skills like the alphabet and counting. A more strict schedule is maintained for children of this age. Learn more about our Three Year Olds Program

Fun and exciting visitors come to Brandi’s Place!

Fun and exciting visitors come to Brandi’s Place!

Preschool Program

Our preschool classroom is for four year olds. In this room we focus on preparing children for the exciting and new world of kindergarten.

We do this through various learning and structured activities, as well as open times for exploration, creation, and discovery.  Your child will enjoy all the ways we can learn!

Learn more about our Preschool Program

Early Five Program

This is a very special program developed for children who miss the kindergarten age cut off date. The Early Five Program at Brandi’s Place is for students who have completed preschool, or for students who have never been in a school setting.

Benefits of the program include getting them ready for the social and traditional structure of school, while also preparing them in areas such as letter recognition and beginning math. Learn more about our Early Five Program

After School Program

Our after school program is for children up to age twelve. In this program we help with homework and provide plenty of opportunities to learn new skills. We also offer opportunities for open play and creativity through arts and crafts projects. Learn more about our After School Program

Summer Program

Our summer program is available for children through twelve years of age. During the summer months, we help keep your child’s mind sharp and well versed in basic skills so that he or she is ready for the next school year to begin.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Brandi’s Place family! 

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