A Clean and Safe Environment

The Importance of Childcare Cleanliness

Cleanliness is important in any environment where a child learns and plays. However, it is even more important in a childcare facility where many children are in contact with each other throughout the day. You should never compromise the cleanliness of your child’s childcare environment.

While parents and caregivers do their best to ensure that sick children do not come into the center, it is possible that children become sick while there. Germs and viruses spread quickly in this type of setting, especially if things are not kept clean and disinfected. The children are often in close contact with each other, sharing toys and other objects, making it even more likely that illness will spread if careful measures are not taken. In any childcare facility, cleanliness should rule supreme for these reasons.

Toys should be disinfected throughout the day and at the end of the day. Cribs should be disinfected each day, and linens should be washed daily. Cots should be disinfected at least once per week, more often if a child has been ill. Messes should be cleaned up throughout the day, and children who become ill should be isolated as much as possible until a parent can pick them up from the center.

At Brandi’s Place Early Learning & Childcare Center, we take all of these measures and more to ensure that your child is in a clean and safe environment. These measures are even more important in infant and toddler rooms where children are teething and still putting toys in their mouths. Small toys used in this manner are disinfected between uses to ensure that children do not transfer viruses and germs by sharing things they put their mouths on. We also ensure that all bottles and sippy cups are appropriately labeled and not shared among the children.

While it is impossible to keep children from getting sick, it is possible to limit the occurrences of sickness through careful diligence in cleaning and disinfecting everything in the environment. We take this very seriously, and make it a mandatory part of our daily routine and end of day activities.