Mae’s Meadow – Our Indoor Playroom!

Let’s Stay Inside and Play!

Our indoor play area was built in 2012.  We call the room Mae’s Meadow which was designed to look like a beautiful park.  This room is used when the children are not able to play outside due to bad weather.

The Mae’s Meadow room allows children to exercise and increase large motor skills year around.



Yea for Summer!

A Quality Summer Care Program

Summer is an exciting time for children, a break from the monotony of school. However, for parents it can be problematic. Work schedules do not stop during the summer months. It is important to have a reliable and quality summer care program for your children.

Brandi’s Place Early Learning & Childcare Center offers a summer program for children ages three to twelve. This summer program is open during our regular business hours of 6:00 am to 6:30 pm. However, this is much more than just a place for your child to go while you are at work.

A quality summer program will ensure that children continue to learn and grow during the summer months. It is important for them to continue to use the skills they have learned throughout the school year so that they do not forget it by the time the next school year starts. It is also helpful for them to learn new skills and information that will put them in good position to start the next grade.

At Brandi’s Place, we ensure that children receive an educational environment that fosters this type of learning retention. We have many structured activities throughout the day where children can work with their peers in areas such as reading, math, science and social studies. We do this in a more relaxed and fun way than traditional school so that children still feel as though they are getting that important summer break.

However, it is not just all work and no play. Even the work times are play times. Throughout the day we will have many opportunities for children to play outdoors in our outside playground. If it is raining we have an indoor playground for younger children as well. We also do art projects, sing a longs, and story time.

It is important to find a quality summer program for your child that incorporates both a fun learning environment with the much needed play and break from school that children need during these months. It is a delicate balance that should be maintained in a quality summer program. Do not settle for less than your child needs and deserves during these months!